Computer Graphics

Rendering including real-time rendering,illumination, photo-realistic graphics

Graphics hardware, GPU, and hardware-related techniques

Geometric modeling, CAD, Simulation, Computer animation

Geometric data processing, GIS, BigData modeling and processing

Information visualization

Scientific visualization, massive and bigData visualization

Virtual reality environments / augmented reality / mixed reality

Volume graphics, semi-transparent media

User interface design, and human-computer interaction, and advanced interaction


Images processing and computer vision

Computational photography

Image-based computer graphics

Image processing

Segmantation, Object Retrieval

Computer graphics and visualization

Computer vision

Image scanning, display and printing

Machine learning, computer graphics, biological vision

Storage and retrieval

Emerging technologies in digital signal processing

Coding and transmissio


Parallelization in computer graphics

Theoretical foundations

Perceptual aspects of computer graphics

Color in computer graphics

Sensors on planes, helicopters, Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, and spacecrafts

Active and passive optical sensors: capabilities and technologies

Hyperspectral imaging

Fusion of the data from multiple sensors having different resolutions, spectral ranges, perspectives and modes of operation allows enhance recognition and identification process

Calibration accuracy and robustness, and advances of in-motion calibration

Modeling and animation

Geometric modeling and advanced concepts

Computer animation

Physics-based modeling, natural phenomena

3D Printing

Simulation for computer graphics



Information visualization


Scientific visualization



Advanced interaction (haptic, sketch-based interfaces)

User interfaces, human-computer interaction

Virtual environments / augmented reality / mixed reality

Computer graphics for small/large displays



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